Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easy Way to Set Up a Science Center

Setting up a science center in your classroom can be a great way to supplement what you are already teaching in this subject area. Kids love science topics. I like to have an established science center that is permanently set up and kids can visit when they finish with their work. I have created a hassle-free science center that can be established and used all year. If you choose to make it permanent, you will need to purchase a trifold board that is used for science fairs and displays. Feel free to add any of your own cute embellishments! I kept mine kind of plain seeing that I have 4th and 5th graders. The labels in my kit are cute all on their own. Once your center is set up, then you just have to change out the activities when your topics change. It's as easy as that! And, I will be providing the replacement parts for the center as well (ex. Animal Adaptations, Ecosystems). All topics are the major standards you need to hit in the intermediate grades. Here is what my center looks like:


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