Monday, August 4, 2014

Ways to Use Technology

Here are some cool tech tips I will definitely be trying in my classroom!

Zaption is a way to make videos on You Tube more interactive while showing them in your classroom. There is a quick and simple tutorial that you can watch. Basically, you can show a You Tube video that has questions, notes, open responses, and drawings. So, as you reach different points in the video, these little side bars pop up and you can ask your class questions or check for understanding.
Here is the link:

Another cool site is Google LitTrips. Basically, you can choose from different books and travel/see photos of places the character goes or things the character does using Google Earth. In the book, Opossum Magic, the character eats different foods around places in Australia. Using Google Earth, you get to see the places the character visits. I LOVE Google Earth and am always looking for ways to use it in my classroom!
Here is the link:

I am always trying to find and use the latest "tekky" stuff in my classroom, so stay tuned for more tips...

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