Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Make Your Own Landfill!


After taking an amazing field trip to our local landfill, I just had to share a cool project to do with your students! Have them create their own landfills. This can emphasize conserving Earth's resources and pollution. I asked my local grocery store to donate plastic containers with lids, but you could use water bottles (cut the tops off). You will also need to cut a small hole, near the middle, to insert a 2-3 inch piece of straw. This will be the pipe that lets the water drain out. You can also caulk around the straw so there are no leaks. Tell the class that they have to first put a layer of soil on the bottom of their container. Then, they may choose their own materials to make a barrier for their landfill. They need to make sure their barrier is sealed so no polluted rain water leaks down into the ground or it will pollute the ground water. I gave them clay, foam, foil, sand, and charcoal sheets to use to make their barrier. After they have created their barrier, then give them shredded paper to act as the "trash" inside their landfill. Next, pour a little water into the landfill and see if it drains out of the "pipe." If they made their landfill correctly, the water will drain out of the pipe and not leak into the ground.

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