Sunday, October 18, 2015

Animal Adaptations: Bird Beaks!

We just finished up our animal adaptations unit. We did a study of different bird beaks and how they help the birds survive. The class did an activity where they used the "beaks" to pick up or do different things. They loved doing this and it really helped them to see how the beaks really do help the birds survive. When they were finished handling the beaks, they had to match the bird to the beak and what it uses the beak for. Here are the beaks I used:
Tweezers--insect grabbing--plastic fly--Creeper
Clothespin--seed cracker--sunflower seed--Cardinal
Sharp pencil--pecking wood--piece of wood--Woodpecker
Toothpick--spearing fish--Swedish Fish--Heron
*As an extension, I passed out cups of birdseed and had them research and identify what birds ate the specific kind of seed.


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